The lavender of the silver valley

It’s in the Argentina valley where the blu sea of ligurian west Riviera (the flowers Riviera) is quite close to the high moutains where the precious and spontaneous lavender grows.

From the bottom  of the valley to the top of the mountains, you go through a path surrounded at first in olive trees end after surrounded by lavender, when the sun shines on leaves of two native plants, they shine of a silver color, fantastic, it inspirated the name of the valley, and its torrent.

Ancient Cugge Distillery

A Green enterprise, managed by our family, with natural products, Didactics Factory, oriented on natural crops and distillation of lavender and medicinal plants typical of this land.

We produce essential oils and pure floreal waters with many properties, used in products for cosmetic use.

The process is an handwork, without chemical products, we distill using vapor stream with wood fire, and the love of our traditions allows us to obtain niche products of the highest quality.

Our products are essential lavender oil, floreal water, the line with idrolized lavender including face creams, body creams, hand creams, soaps and shower-shampoo, jams with good fruits and brew of lavender flower.

Our Lavader is situated 1200 meters above sea level, on a ground with unique features, where nobody has never used a chemical product and the lavender has been spontaneously growing for centuries.

We distill using the ancient family method, with wood fire, and we use only chestnut wood of our woods. Our products don’t contain SLS,parabens, etc… They aren’t tested on animals and they don’t contain animal ingredients.

Our love and respect for nature lead us to obtain the trademark of “Green firm”.

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