The Distillation

After the harvest we go to our distillery where we have a so called “indirect fire” distiller, while some time before the metod “direct fire” was used, powered by wood of our wood situated among our distillery.

The distiller is composed by three parts: Boiler, alembic and serpentine.

The boiler is a closed cylindrical container always full of water; under it there is the fire room, during the distillation, it has to be steadily powered to heat water more quikly possible.

The alembic is on the side; this is connected to boiler by a duct where, the stream necessary to extract essential oil escapes when the water comes to boil.

With forks we pick up the flower, lying flat on the floor to prevent fermentations, and it is poured in the alembic.
When it is full and well pressed it is tightly closed with a cover cone shapes (it remembers an inverted pipe). At to the top of it a duct cone shapes connects alembic to refreshner serpentine.

The steam crossing the flowers and essentials oils have to quikly condense, to return to liquid state:
serpentine has always to be full of cold water.

Essential oil and distillation water reliever in essenziere, which it can have several forms; anyhow the separation of these two elements is due to the difference of specific weight.

Essential oil separates from the water. This water is called ‘hydrolate’ keeping many therapeutic proprieties.
In 2010, when our company became “Didactic Farm”, we bought a little distiller, jewel of new technology to involve young people to the process of distillation.

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