Our story
Giuseppe Cugge
Giuseppe Cugge (Pepin)

Our story begins in early of XIX century when Giuseppe Cugge, also known as “Pepin”, began to distill with first rudimentary stills.

At that time, there weren’t plantations but spontoneous lavender only were gathered.

In summer, when lavender was in full bloom the municipality authorized the harvest so local people, with their sickles and juta sacks, they harvested the lavender to bring to little distillers.

Pepin distilled uising little copper stills from about 50 kg of flowers called “a testa di moro”.

Pepin’s son , Giuseppe Cugge, also known as “Pippo”, brought forward this activity.

He provided essential oil to Niggi firm, famous for its brand “Lavanda col di Nava”.

Then Pippo with 100 lire bought the still of Niggi firm with the capacity of 300 kg of flowers and it wasn’t made in copper, but in iron, He consolidated the Distilleria Cugge.

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