How to use your Cugge lavender

“Since in ancient Rome and Greece lavender was used for many and important employments.
Below some uses that we took from our ancient traditions and adapted for you for the daily use in our time.”

Essential Oils

  • Pets: you can rub some drops on his fur to keep away fleas. Great to sanitize (some drops in the water to clean the places where your pets live)
  • Mosquito: it is a good repellent for mosquitos, just some drops on legs and arms, to keep them away. Don’t use it if you want to sunbathe
  • Mothproof: some drops on cotton balls to keep in your wardrobe and in drawers of clothes, in addition to delicious smell, it will preserve your clothes from months. Repeat this operation when the smell goes away.
  • Bath and footbath: if you have tired feet do a footbath, put a little spoon of bicarbonate with three drops of essential oil and let it dissolve in water. For a relaxing bath 5 drops in a spoon of bicarbonate and let it dissolve in water of bath.
  • Laundry: three drops on last rise to give freshness to the laundry.
  • Cellulite: it is very useful if you have cellulite for its anti-inflammatory effects. Put three drops of essential oil in 10 ml of olive oil or almond oil and massage the affected areas from the below to the top for five minutes, morning and evening.
  • Air freshener: it is a timeless perfume, fresh and natural it smells like clean and it remember the summer and mountain covered with a violet mantle. You can use it on potpourri, on bouquets of dried flowers. Few drops in water of radiators or in essential oil burner.
  • Menstrual cramps: three drops in 10 ml of olive oil or sweet almond oil, massage the abdomen clockwise in case of need.
  • Generic pains: rheumatism, arthritis, stiff neck, ecc. Massage the affected area for 5 minutes twice daily, with an oil for massage composed by 10 ml of olive oil or sweet almond oil and three drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Insomnia: some drops on pillow for sleep problems of children, adults and elders. It will give a relaxing and regenerative sleep.
  • Headache: a drop on temples, massage it, repeat many times a day.
  • Circulation problems, swollen ankles: three drops of essential oil in 10 ml of olive oil or sweet almond oil, massage the ankles from the below to the top.
  • Insect bites, little cuts: for his antiseptic, it’s always a good idea to have it in the medicine cabinet.
  • Colds, flu: to free the airway and promote healing you can put hot water ( one liter) and two drops of essential oil in a basin, breathe deeply. Another way is … put a drop on tour hand, rub your hands and breathe.
  • Sunburn or fire burns: thanks to its soothing and healing features, you can use it in case of minor burns.
  • Stress, anxiety: to relieve stress and anxiety, you can massage it on the templess and on the neck at base of the the hairs, or put a drop on hands, rob your hands then inhale.
Hydrolate (floreal or aromatic water)
  • Acne: put it on interessed areas, three times a day.
  • Detergent-toner: with a cotton ball massage on face, neck and eyes without rising, in case of heavy make up use a make-up remover (before).
  • Aftershave: due to its lenitive proprieties it is an excellent aftershave.
  • After sun: go all over the body, it will immediately give you a freshness sense.
  • Tired eyes: in case of tired eyes, eye bags, dark circles, put it with two cotton balls on eyelids for 5/10 minutes.
  • For kids and elderlies sensitive skin: use it to clean and to refresh, go all over the body with a cotton ball.
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